My secrets to dog EXERCISE

  1. It’s literally on a daily bases now. I get asked “How do you get your dogs to do that?” It’s a simple question, yet not so simple answer. Their are so many variables to it like, your dogs drive, eagerness to please, it’s capacity to work. But for this blog we’re gonna assume that your dog has all the tangibles he or she needs to have for them to actually work for you. The first thing, actually the first second and third thing that you need to do is to get your dog to understand that it’s time to work or “play.” This can be accomplished simply by asking for your dogs attention “focus” then asking your dog play? Or ready? Any word really because it isn’t the word you use but the association of action with that word. This should get the dog staring at you now with INTENT! After you do these things depending on activity you can let your dog loose. Whether it be a course, pulling, fetch, tug of war, the treadmill, or maybe your like me and give them a rotating workout that incorporates three or four activity’s. This way it keeps their energy up, and them guessing what the next challenge will be. This helps build even more drive because there minds already are going a 100 miles and hour and they don’t know what’s next. After there their panting as hard as possible hold the last thing they were playing with in your hand like your going to throw it. You yell “DONE” and your dogs should be off running to the water. Why do this? Well this turns their drive off. It notes the END of play time and now it’s time to get water and rest. Psychologically what your doing for your companion is your teaching him or her how to calm them selves down after you say “DONE” because they know playtime is now over. (It also comes in handy in the middle of the night when you here them wresting in their bed). Now, there are some things you need to keep in mind. The first is don’t ever let your dogs get so worn out that they stop playing by them selves. That would defeat the purpose of “YOU” controlling play time. And also wouldn’t allow you to build their drive. The second thing is play time should ALWAYS BE SUPERVISED. You shouldn’t leave them to do as they please. This could cost you a lot of bills, mostly vet bills. Lastly don’t leave your dogs toys out to play when ever they want. They should think that playtime with you is the only and BEST time they get to do something fun and chew things up for a while.