So, You want to be a breeder?

It’s crazy to think about all the ups and downs that being an American Bully Breeder comes with, but it’s even crazier to think someone would want to do this. I would stop but at this point, I have too much vested and goals that haven’t been achieved yet, so I can’t. To do this on the level that I’ve always aspired to is quite simply ridiculous. The hours, blood, sweat, and tears. The level in which I’m shooting requires patients along with daily grinding. I can’t possibly explain in detail exactly what it is that I do to even have made it this far but in this blog, I will outline some TODOS, Best practices, and expectations.

For some reason, every new breeder I meet thinks they’re going to be the next best thing. That they’re going to produce that next top-end stud that everyone is wildly in love with. But this niche has a way of quickly correcting this way of thinking. If you were or are one of those you’ll understand this. Having no clients clamoring for your product, having no one comment, share, or even talk to you about your dogs. As well as not winning shows and settling for fun shows because you want just to take home some sort of an award. Then you turn to try to hype your productions, accolades, and kennel only to be corrected by not getting any recognition from other breeders. News flash, there’s no one hating on you because you aren’t even on the raider to be hated on. my advice to you is to put your head down and accomplish your goals. You expose yourself every time you open your mouth without having done anything. Pay your dues first, there are no shorts cuts to this.

Then there are people who don’t own a bully yet and think they’re going to BUY the next best thing since macaroni and cheese. You set out to buy a dog from a yard that I explained in the previous paragraph because you don’t know any better, only to find out that what that breeder sold you was a dream and now you must start over. Or worst yet you decided to breed that dog that lacking so much. This happens all too often. So, here’s what you need to do. Don’t go looking to buy a dog to breed. Go get a dog to show. And make sure you show that dog yourself. Have pride in it and figure out what the standards you need to breed for. Maximizing how to highlight your dog’s strengths and how to minimize its flaws. Learn to be a good sport. Don’t blame others for why your dog is not winning. It isn’t a conspiracy theory. Let’s face it No dog is perfect. Do not set out to breed a dog that you have NO IDEA what the standards are for that breed.

Let me explain something to you all. Imagine waking up every Saturday and Sunday at 6 in the morning, as early as you got up during the week because if you get up any later you’ll be cleaning and doing chores way past lunch. first, you put on your boots because rain or shine it must be done. You go out back, pick up all the dog excrement, clean all the stuff they chewed up. clean and wash down the kennels. Reinforce their favorite part of the fence they like to grind their teeth on. Power wash the porch because their dead skin cells have seeped its way into the pores concrete and you hate when your porch smells like dogs. Then you must wash and dry all the dogs because it’s time for their bi or tri-weekly bath. This is just upkeep. Not breeding, not showing, no puppies. This is to just sustain a proper clean environment for your family, dogs, and yourself. So, breeding, Showing, and whelping each deserve that level of focus and dedication. If you cut corners anywhere it will show. It will show not only in your product, your program, your kennel, but it will show to those who you want respect from and those who you wish to sell dogs to.

So, if you plan to get into this breed and become a participant in this niche these are just basic things you need to understand before you do so. If you don’t, plan to be out of this game within the next 2-3 years because you’ve done nothing but lose money. All the hype, the pseudo confidence, and the fake sense of accomplishment will not make up for the lack of interest in your product and will correct you. So, before you become a breeder before you think you’ve made it before you try to TELL people who you are. you need to pay your dues, put in your work and let them recognize you for it.