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The Bully Boot Camp K9 Training

The Bully Boot Camp is a two week training and boarding course. I believe that true change can only be achieved by changing the state of mind and changing the dogs routine. Our client dogs are boarded by us to be looked over 24/7 for two weeks straight. We take dogs big and small, young and old. Although, it is called Bully Boot Camp we take a variety of dogs not just bull breeds.

The types of training we offer are:

So if your dog is pulling on his leash and lunging, or if your dog is food or toy dominant or maybe you just don’t know how to begin with puppy training we can help you.


Here at Thee Bullco we like to keep things easy and affordable. We Offer only a two week camp for $3,000. We book up to 4 months in advance and require a deposit of 10% to reserve your dates. We only book 2 dogs a month.



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