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Top 5 Kibbles for your American Bully

Feature Photo By: Trish Strickland

Thee Bullco’s Top 5 

Do you remember your first American bully? Didn’t you want nothing but the best for him or her? I’m sure you still do and you still want to feed your dog the best food you can so they can be as big as all the other dogs we see on Instagram and Facebook.  With the hundreds of different types of dog kibbles out there how would you ever know what’s the best for your American bully? In this blog we will be listing our top 5 kibbles we recommend owners feed and ranking them according to our results after feeding our own American Bullies it for at least 2 months.

5)Natures Domain:

This dog food is Kirkland Signature brand sold at Costco. I wanted to start with this brand because although it doesn’t have the best ingredients and isn’t the highest quality, you get 1 pound of kibble for 1 dollar with is a 1/1 ratio if you buy at Costco or Kirkland Signature stores. Not only is this product grain free but its prefect for those looking to get a little more bang for their buck. The only drawback we experienced was one of my dogs did developed a skin allergy to it. in reading the ingredients I couldn’t figure out what it could have been that brought on the allergy but I quickly changed that dog’s food while others finished the bag.


4). Blue Wilderness:

Blue Wilderness is probably the highest amount of protein per serving that you’re going to find. You also are going to pay for that protein. I say if you can afford it why not try it? An American Bully is a muscular dog that could use the extra protein. As long as you are consistently walking and exercising your dogs this would be a great choice. From my experience the high protein content really made my dogs stools more wet that I liked. So, after a couple of bags we switched off to the next kibble. all in all, though this kibble deserves a good rating and should be high on your list to try.


3). Taste of the Wild High Prairie Puppy:

Guys, this hands down is my “Go TO” every time I have a litter. From my experience, the number of calories per serving, real meat, the number of vitamins is simply in my opinion the best for growing puppies and whelping females. I’ve never ran into a problem and stools are always exactly where I want them. If you have a puppy you just purchased or your pup is now 6 months old, I suggest getting him or her on this high calorie kibble to make sure they have enough nutrients to grow correctly.


2). Taste of the Wild  High Prairie Adult:

For me this kibble is almost essential. I really don’t have much to say about it other than it is in my rotation of kibbles I switch to and from to give my dogs a different taste and keep the quality.  I only feed my dogs the best. It has about 32 grams of protein per serving but less calories than the puppy for obvious reasons.  This kibble has never cause not one skin allergy or hot spot in any of my dogs ever and for the most part is my most trusted kibble for feed an American bully.


1). Victor Super Premium:

American bully family this is my number one pick. Although it is not a grain free kibble like the first four on this list I believe Victor Super Premium is one of the best dry Kibbles on the market for your American Bully. From what I can tell from my dog’s stools is that they absorb a lot more nutrients than any other dog food. Now guys, I am not a scientist, I cannot tell you what ingredient they put into their food that helps the absorption rate. What I can tell you is that beyond a reasonable doubt that when my dogs are on this food their stools are twice as small, meaning less waste content inside of the food, and they don’t go as often. This food it great for putting on good weight and keeping it on. One of the best benefits from using this kibble is the fact that my dogs coats have never looked better and look like silt in the sun shine. From my years of experience Victor Super Premium is not only for all life stages but it is hands down the best dry kibble on the market.


The descriptions and analyses given in this and article  represent the views and opinions of the author. These are actual Kibbles I’ve used or continue to use and believe these to be some of, if not the best dry kibble dog food to feed your New, old, Growing, or mature American Bully.

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