What will Define You?

In our world of breeding American bullies, there are so many categories you could file a lot of breeders. Some of these things include but not limited to pedigree or hype chasers, those who put other peoples kennels down or only talk theirs up. There are some who only breed to certain types of blood and those who never like to breed to the same blood twice. Those who love certain lines or even those who’ve made up their own line. At the end of the day, I believe all these breeders will fall into two basic categories. Either you breed to the standard to be able to exhibit your American Bully to a judge or you breed outside of the standard.
The first category and I think the category that maybe 50% of American bully breeders are in, is breeding to standard. Some of you might not know this but when you are breeding a certain breed there’s this thing called a breed standard. Basically, what the breed standard is, is a map or guide on how these dogs are supposed to look, act, what color they should be, and what all things they shouldn’t be. For the most part, I say that half of American Bully breeders are breeding to standards. Some although may be doing it blindly but they are still doing it. The breeders in this category are the ones that will help with the preservation and continued growth of our beloved breed.
The second category is where the other 50% of the “so-called” breeders land. Some of the ways to spot these breeders are just in the way they speak, post, or talk to you. They’ll say things like this dog is 6x blah blah blah not even knowing what the meaning of inbreeding or line breeding is. These breeders base their entire breeding off hype and how “fire” the breeding will be. Often people in this category are unethical and will often breed a male before the age of one and a female on her first heat. All too often those in this category are kennel blind. This means that they often only see the negative in others’ stock while always seeing theirs as superior. They can’t see or maybe they don’t want to see that their stock has some major flaws. If you don’t think you’re in this category or even if your unsure you better check yourself. Just because you’re here doesn’t mean you cannot experience a peri dime shift into doing things the right way.
I don’t have some snazzy poetic way to end this article. I thought of a great ending but figured it would be too long-winded for such a short blog. So I’ll say it like this, no matter what traits you have picked up while on the road to becoming a breeder. Whether you like to breed to big names dogs, or you like to find that hidden gems. Maybe you like to breed to your cousins American Bully to keep it all in the family. I don’t know. What I do know is, if you all are claiming your breeding American Bullies you all are obligated to breed to the standard of the American Bully. I am tired of seeing someone claim one thing and their dogs look like another. This goes for the ones breeding BS American Bullies that look like bulldogs and those who breed them that look like American Pit Bull Terriers. Do it right or don’t do it at all!