Why isn’t your dog listening?

Understanding THEIR WHY?

  •        Very often we hear people speak about their dogs as their family. Which is fine in my book because god knows mine is. But all to often those dogs are treated the same as their kids. And therein lies the problem. Do we all love our dogs? Yes, do we want the best for them? Yes!, then why would you subject them to a life of disorder. Without getting into genetics and ancestry to deeply, dogs stem from pack animals, so it goes without saying if they don’t know their place in the pack they will try to take over it. Here are some common mistakes, feeding table scraps, allowing them to walk out of the front dog before you, allowing them to sleep on the same level as you I.e bed, couch, or but not limited to a love seat and my personal favorite FREE FEEDING! All of these things are common mistakes and can lead to very very bad uncontrollable dogs. And I know what you’re thinking my dogs aren’t like that. To that I say, do they sit by the table waiting for food? If food accidentally drops on the floor do they automatically gobble it up? When you open the door does the bolt out of it leaving you chasing after them yelling their name? Do they crowd the bed and take the most comfortable spots and don’t move when you tell them? All of these behaviors will lead to other problems. Do your selves a favor and follow some simple rules to have a happy, healthy, and respectful pet and I promise your relationship with your companion will become 100% better!




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